Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signatures often used to implement electronic signatures, a broader term that refers to any electronic data that carries the intent of a signature, but not all electronic signatures use digital signatures. In some countries, including the United States, India, and members of the European Union electronic signatures have legal significance. Do not have Digital Signature! Contact us to get one, We are providing Digital Signature for Individual, Organization, Government Employee, Government Department and Vendors / Contractors. E-Token, Class II, Class III, Digital Signature for E-Tendering, E-Filling, IT-Return / Income Tax E-Filling, Foreign Trade.

Documents Required for Digital Signature

  • One ID proof (PAN Card, Driving License, Aadhar Card, and Passport).
  • One Address proof (Driving License, Aadhar Card, Passport, and Voter Card).
  • One Passport Size photograph pasted on Form (cross-signed by applicant himself).
  • All documents are duly attested by the Gazette officer (also self attestation).
  • Documents Required for ORG
  • Sec 4 of subscription form only are attested by head of the company with his sign and company seal.
  • Authorization Letter from the Organization Head on the Organizations Letterhead.

Download Digital Signature Application Form and e-Token driver setup

  • If you are using 32-bit Operating System please download from here
  • If you are using 64-bit Operating System please download from here

Download e-Pass driver setup

  • Download e-Pass driver setup here

Type of Digital Signature

  • Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate - Individual /Organization (Signing/Verification)
  • Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate - Individual /Organization (Signing/Verification & Encryption Decryption)
  • Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate - Individual /Organization (Signing/Verification & Encryption Decryption)


  • Enhances the security of your organization's IT resources and intellectual assets
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Provides full portability of user credentials
  • Enables strong two-factor authentication
  • Enables implementation and enforcement of organizational IT security policies
  • Reduces password management related costs
  • Involves minimal IT effort and maintenance
Sr No. Digital Signature with token Validity Form
1 Class 2/3 (Encryption+Signing) Individual 2 Years Here
2 Class 2 (Encryption+Signing) Government ORGANIZATION 2 Years Here
3 Class 3 (Signing + Encryption) ORGANIZATION 2 Years Here
Union Bank of India
A/C. NO 451701010035332
IFSC Code UBIN-0545171